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India Basin Survey Area


Kelley Kahn,  Project Manager

(415) 749-2419

Lila Hussain, Associate Planner

A Notice of Preparation (“NOP”) of an Environmental Impact Report (“EIR”) for the India Basin Shoreline Redevelopment Program has been issued by the Redevelopment Agency and the San Francisco Planning Department (“Department”), as Co-Lead Agencies. The EIR provides information about the potential significant adverse environmental effects of the proposed Project and identifies possible ways to minimize the significant effects, and describes and analyzes possible alternatives to the Project. Preparation of the EIR does not indicate a decision by the Agency or the City to approve or disapprove the proposed Project. Prior to making any decision on the Project, the decision makers must review and consider the information contained in the EIR.

The Agency and Department seek your comments on the scope and content of environmental information to be provided in the forthcoming EIR. Please email or mail your response to this Notice of Preparation to : Stanley Muraoka, Environmental Review Officer, San Francisco Redevelopment Agency; One South Van Ness Avenue, Fifth Floor, San Francisco, California 94103 (Email: Due to the time limits mandated by State law, your response to this Notice of Preparation must be received no later than 5:00 PM on Thursday, April 22, 2010. Please reference case numbers (Agency) ER12.01.09 and (Planning) 2010.0195E in your response. If you have any questions, please contact Stanley Muraoka via email or telephone (415-749-2577).

The Agency and Department also will be holding a public scoping meeting on the India Basin Shoreline Redevelopment Program EIR on Wednesday, April 7, 2010, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at Our Lady of Lourdes Church located at Innes Avenue & Hawes Street, in India Basin Shoreline. The purpose of the public scoping meeting is to receive oral comments to assist the Agency and Department in reviewing the scope and content of the environmental impact analysis and information on the proposed Project to be included in the EIR. Written comments will also be accepted at this meeting.




Area C Notice of Preparation of Environmental impact Report for India Basin Shoreline

Area C Notice of Availability of the Notice of Preparation for India Basin Shoreline

India Basin Open house March 3 & March 24

India Basin Sub-Area Plan Brochure





March 24, 2010 Area C Heights Open House Materials

March 3, 2010 Area C Circulation Open House Materials

June 25, 2009 Area C Open House Materials

September 24 and October 30, 2008.  Public Workshop Materials

May 21, 2008 Public Workshop #3 Materials


The 2006 Bayview Hunters Point Redevelopment Plan amendment added 1,361 acres of the Bayview Hunters Point Survey Area, or Project Area B, to the existing 137-acre project area. During the plan adoption process, it was determined that further community-based planning would be necessary before the 76 acres proposed as the India Basin Special Use District could be amended into the BVHP Plan. Thus the India Basin Shoreline, or Area C, remained a redevelopment survey area.

In August 2007, the San Francisco Planning Department and the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency began a collaborative planning process for a redevelopment program and specific land use controls for the India Basin/Hunters Point Shoreline Survey Area.

The Bayview Hunters Point Project Area Committee (PAC) is the formal advisory body to the Redevelopment Agency for this effort, and will be asked to endorse the India Basin/Hunters Point Shoreline redevelopment plan amendment and all implementation documents.

The goal of the planning process is to shape land use regulations, design guidelines and a community benefits program for the shoreline area that will inform an amendment to the Bayview Hunters Point Redevelopment Plan. This effort builds on planning work already completed for the shoreline area, as contained in the Bayview Hunters Point Community Revitalization Concept Plan (2002). More detail about the planning process, including relevant documents, is below.



c. August 1, 2007 Public Workshop #1 Materials


d.  October 20, 2007 Public Workshop #2 Materials

e. January 31, 2008 Meeting and Open House - BVHP Waterfront

f.  Planning Process Schedule (working draft)

g. EIR Information

The Planning Process

Public Workshops

The first community workshop for this planning process, hosted by the BVHP-PAC and Supervisor Sophie Maxwell, was held on August 1, 2007. The workshop agenda and meeting notes are available above.

A second community workshop, sponsored by the BVHP-PAC, was held on October 20, 2007. At this meeting, staff presented several conceptual land use alternatives for the area, based on the input from Workshop #1. Workshop participants identified their preferred elements of the alternatives to inform a draft land use plan.

All public workshops will be hosted by the BVHP-PAC, with future dates to be announced.

BVHP-PAC Meetings

Beginning in August, and throughout the process, staff will be making regular updates on the planning process to the BVHP-PAC and its subcommittees. Members of the public are encouraged to attend. Meeting agendas are available at

Office Hours

In addition, staff from the Redevelopment Agency and the Planning Department will be holding periodic office hours where all community members can share ideas with staff and other community members, and view the comments and ideas received so far. The first office hours were held in September:

Wednesday, September 5th - Development and Design
Wednesday, September 12th Transportation and Street Design
Wednesday, September 19th - Open Space and Sustainability


Additional office hours will be held on February 20th and February 26th from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the PAC Office in the Southeast Community Facility,1800 Oakdale Avenue.

Additional Background

The India Basin/Hunters Point Shoreline area sits at the base of the northern side of Hunters Point Hill, along India Basin cove. Herons Head Park and Port of San Francisco lands sit to the northwest of the area, while the Hunters Point Shipyard Parcel B is immediately adjacent to the southeast. The hillside area to the south consists of three Housing Authority developments and a few single-family homes. A handful of commercial establishments and light industrial operations are found along Innes Avenue. Major development opportunities exist alongside the shoreline, including the former Ferrari Brothers property and Pacific Gas and Electrics Hunters Point Power Plant (PG&E Power Plant), which was decommissioned in 2006 and is currently under deconstruction and environmental remediation. Following a series of public planning meetings, with assistance from the Agency, the PAC adopted and published the Bayview Hunters Point Community Revitalization Concept Plan (Concept Plan) Plan in March of 2002. The Concept Plan outlines a wide range of programs intended to bring about physical and economic improvements in the BVHP community. The PACs vision for the India Basin Shoreline or Hunters Point Shoreline Activity Node as it is also called in the Concept Plan, includes new mixed-use development along Innes Avenue, water-oriented and recreational activities, better integration of the Housing Authority development on Hunters Point Hill, and improved waterfront access. The current planning process builds off of this vision contained in the Concept Plan.

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