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SFRA Background


   About San Francisco Redevelopment Agency


The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, incorporated August 10, 1948, is Seven new partner families were celebrated at the Whitney Young construction site authorized and organized under the provisions of the California Community Redevelopment Law ("CCRL").  The Agency is an entity legally separate from the City and County of San Francisco, but existing solely to perform certain functions exclusively for and by authorization of the City and County of San Francisco. The Agency operates primarily in redevelopment project areas designated by the Board of Supervisors.  In accordance with CCRL, the Agency works to improve the environment of the City and create better urban living conditions through the removal of blight. 

Seven Commissioners appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Board of Supervisors govern the Agency. The Commission makes all policy determinations for the implementation of the Agency's programs. The Executive Director is charged with implementing all activities authorized in redevelopment plans and for other special projects in accordance with policies defined by the Commission. The Commission also serves as the official advisory body for the disbursement of San Francisco’s affordable housing funds.

Redevelopment Agency activities generally function in either “project” or “survey” areas (although SFRA can, and has undertaken projects such as the development of affordable housing throughout the City).  A project area is a designated redevelopment area. Relocation assistance is provided to residents and business owners displaced by redevelopment activities. A survey area is an area under study to determine the feasibility of a redevelopment project designation.

Active project areas include:

  • Hunters Point Shipyard
  • Rincon Point/South Beach
  • Bayview Hunters Point
  • Bayview Industrial Triangle
  • South of Market
  • Mission Bay North & South
  • Transbay
  • Vistacion Valley

The SFRA Commission generally meets the first (1st) and third (3rd) Tuesday of every month at 4:00 p.m. at City Hall, Room 416. The meetings are open to the public. Call (415) 749-2400 for information.  For Agency meeting information see Commission & Meeting Info. 

   Agency Activities and Mission

The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency's mission today reflects an evolutionary process garnered from fifty years' experience. The most important elements of today's mission are:
  • Housing
    Over its history the Agency has acted as a catalyst for the construction of more than 25,000 units of housing in the City. Since 1989, the Redevelopment Agency has been the City’s main provider of local funding for affordable housing subsidies. For the last eight years, the Agency has been the largest local provider of funding for affordable housing in the City. The decline of federal, state and city resources over the last several years has made the Agency’s participation in affordable housing even more critical. San Francisco remains one of the most expensive cities for housing in the United States. Some of the Agency’s project areas have been focused primarily on housing development, such as Diamond Heights, Rincon Point-South Beach, South of Market and Hunters Point/Bayview.  The Agency also acted as the City’s major catalyst for development of market rate housing through the  use of mortgage revenue bonds in the 1980's, when the Agency assistance created thousands of units of rental housing.

      Metreon, Yerba Buena Gardens

    Metreon, Yerba Buena Gardens

  • Economic Development
    This includes facilitating job creation and job training, small business assistance, assistance in site location or relocation, and expansion of the tax base. 

  • Quality of Life
    In order to make project areas more livable for existing residents and businesses, and to make them more attractive to potential employers and investors, the Agency invests in improvements such as parks, cultural and arts institutions and other public amenities.  The Agency's contributions to quality of life include childcare, social services, parks and open space. 

   Agency Finance and Operation

The Agency has two principal sources of revenue - real estate sales/leases and tax increment. Both of these sources are a direct function of real estate values. Significant portions of the Agency's real estate portfolio are pledged for the repayment of debt incurred.

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