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Mid-Market Survey Area


Lisa Zayas-Chien
(415) 749-2504

Central Market Partnership

In January 2010, the San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD) launched the Central Market Partnership – a public/private initiative to renew and coordinate efforts to revitalize Mid-Market and the larger Central Market neighborhood.  The effort is intended to build upon the area’s existing strengths, including an emphasis on arts-based economic development initiatives.  The initiative is a multi-departmental effort with contributions from the Arts Commission, the Planning Department, the Department of Public Works, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, the Redevelopment Agency, the Police Department and other city agencies.


The Redevelopment Agency’s Role - Mid-Market Redevelopment Plan

In support of this broad initiative, the Agency has initiated the process necessary for the City to reconsider a Mid-Market Redevelopment Plan.  The adoption of a Mid-Market Redevelopment Plan would allow the city to utilize tax-increment financing, a long-term and stable funding source, to invest in the physical rehabilitation of existing buildings and spaces, new mixed-use affordable housing, and arts focused catalyst projects in the area.

In July 2010, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved the Agency’s 2010-11 budget including funds for the preparation of a Mid-Market Redevelopment Plan.  Staff reconvened and consulted with its advisory body, the Mid-Market Project Area Committee (or PAC) including seeking input on a vision statement, potential projects and an amended redevelopment survey area boundary.  The vision statement and list of potential projects summarized below defines a specific and focused scope of redevelopment to support the larger work of the Central Market Partnership.

The focus of the proposed redevelopment program is to:

• Establishment of a Central Market Cultural and Heritage District, with capital/financing assistance for existing and new arts and entertainment activities and restoration of key historic properties.
• Expansion of current economic development programs that assist small scale retail and property improvements.
• Continuation of focused civic investment in affordable housing for residents of the Mid-Market/Central City communities.
• Acceleration of major civic improvements to Market Street's public spaces and amenities.
• Ensure delivery of community benefits in the most impactful ways.

Specific types of projects and programs discussed as priorities included:

• Historic Theatre Renovation and New Theater Development
• Small Business/Non-Profit Façade and Tenant Improvement Program
• Capital Fund for Arts Facilities
• Mixed Use Affordable Housing Infill Development
• Reuse/Renovation of Key Historic Building(s) and Historic Façade Restoration(s)
• Streetscape and Public Improvement Investments


Next Steps

The plan adoption process begins with the adoption of a redevelopment survey area by the local legislative body and the eventual project area cannot extend beyond the survey area boundary.  On December 14, 2010 the Redevelopment Commission requested that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors consider and amend the Mid-Market Survey Area.  Once considered and amended by the Board, the Agency will move forward to conduct the necessary analyses to allow the city to consider a Mid-Market Redevelopment Plan by spring of 2012.


Community Meetings

The Central Market Partnership and the Mid-Market Project Area Committee meet on a regular basis on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at various venues in the Mid-Market area.  Please contact Carolyn Diamond at 415-362-2500 for more information.




Mid-Market PAC Meeting Materials:

August 25, 2010:
1_Meeting Agenda.pdf
2_List of Potential Redevelopment Projects and Programs.pdf
3_2nd DRAFT of Central Market Vision Statement.pdf
4 Prioritization Exercise (PDF)
5 Vision for Central Market District Working Group Additions (PDF)

August 11, 2010:
MM PAC Mtg Agenda 8-11-2010.pdf
2nd DRAFT of Central Market Vision Statement.pdf
Central Market Partnership - Citywide & Community Coordination.pdf
Mid-Market Performing Arts Survey - Preliminary Analysis.pdf

June 9, 2010:
MM PAC Mtg Agenda 6-09-2010 FINAL.pdf

April 28, 2010:
Mid-Market Project Area Committee Special Meeting - 4/28/2010 (PDF)




Mid Market Report on the Redevelopment Plan 1 of 3.pdf
Mid Market Report on the Redevelopment Plan 2 of 3.pdf
Mid Market Report on the Redevelopment Plan 3 of 3.pdf

Mid Market Development Update Feb 2010.pdf
MM Context and Draft Vision Statement_June 9 2010.pdf
2005 Proposed Mid-Market Redevelopment Plan (PDF)


2005 Proposed Mid-Market Special Use District (PDF)

Proposed Mid-Market Project Area and Special Use District Boundaries (PDF)

Environmental Impact Report

Mid-Market Project Area Committee (Off-Site Link)

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