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Visitacion Valley


Kelley Kahn, Project Manager
(415) 749-2419

Lila Hussain, Associate Planner

Project Summary

The Visitacion Valley Redevelopment Project Area is a 46-acre area in the Visitacion Valley neighborhood in the southeastern corner of the City; comprising approximately 124 parcels. The Visitacion Valley Project Area includes the former Schlage Lock industrial site, located at the southern border of San Francisco and the properties fronting Bayshore Boulevard; and the Visitacion Valley neighborhood’s commercial corridor of Leland Avenue. The project involves the demolition of the majority of the existing vacant buildings on the former Schlage Lock site, environmental remediation of the site, and the construction of a mixed-use residential, retail and office development.

Community Participation - Citizens Advisory Committee

The Mayor has established a Citizens Advisory Committee ("CAC") to advise the Redevelopment Agency and City in their consideration of establishing a Redevelopment Plan for the Survey Area in Visitacion Valley. The main task of the CAC will be to review policy documents and to help determine the need for and the potential effectiveness of a redevelopment program for Visitacion Valley. These documents include the Environmental Impact Report, physical and economic evaluation reports, tax increment projections, implementation plans, zoning changes, the redevelopment plan, and other accompanying documents.

Project News



Open Space, Streetscape and Site Design Planning Process

In 2010, Universal Paragon, the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and the CAC collaboratively developed an Open Space + Streetscape Plan for the Schlage Lock Site. The Plan is a culmination of community workshops and several CAC meetings to discuss park and street designs. The CAC unanimously adopted the Open Space and Streetscape Plan. In 2011, Agency staff will present the Plan for Commission adoption.

Visitacion Valley Redevelopment Area Zone 1(Schlage Lock) Open Space + Streetscape Plan

CAC Presentation on the Plan 09/14/10


Urban Design:

The Schlage Lock design team has begun preliminary work on the site planning and urban design please see the following presentations to CAC below for more imformation:

Urban Design Presentation April 13, 2010 

Retail Study Presentation June 15, 2010

Urban Design Presentation June 29, 2010 

Urban Design Presentation July 13, 2010


Workshop 3: Preliminary Open Space Master Plan May 22, 2010 10:30am -1:30pm

Workshop #3 Presentation on Preliminary Parks Designs

Detail Parks Design Images

More information about the Schlage Lock site can be found at

Workshop #3 Results summary Presentation to the CAC

Open Space Handout for CAC Comment






Workshop 2: Design Alternatives (April 3, 2010)

Presentation of Design Alternatives

Landscape Alternatives

Workshop 2 Summary Presentation to CAC 

Retail Presentation


Workshop 1: Open House (Februuary 20-21, 2010)

The planning process for the future parks and streets on the former Schlage Lock factory site kicked off with the Open Space, Streetscape and Site Design Open House, a two-day walk-in, walk-out public event at the Visitacion Valley Elementary School.

The Open House Presentation Materials were organized into Stations (click on the links in blue to see the presentation boards for each station). Community participants were first introduced to the Purpose and Rules of the Open House. Then at Station 1, participants learned about the Project Background, including results of past planning processes, current planning efforts, and site conditions. Next at Station 2, participants voted on which set of Evaluation Criteria they thought are most important for creating and selecting among future alternative designs. Then at Station 3, participants voted on images of Open Space Characteristics they thought are most and least appropriate for the Project site. At Station 4, participants saw the Open Space Facilities that are existing in the community and what people have said in the past that they want to be built at the Project site. At Station 5, participants wrote down Public Comments for everyone to see. Finally at Station 6, participants learned about the Next Steps in the workshop series. To see a presentation summary of the Workshop 1 results click here

Site Remediation: Soil clean-up of the former Schlage Lock Site will begin in January 2010. DTSC approved a Remedial Action Plan on November 16, 2009 to clean up the soil and groundwater at the site. Work activities will include injections of edible vegetable oil with sodium lactate into the soil. There should be no significant disruption of traffic, dust or other nuisances associated with this work. For more detail information on the clean-up activities please click on the work notice below:

Injection Work Notice

To view responses to comments and Final RAP click here.

 For a RAP Schlage Lock Fact Sheet Remedial Action Plan Factsheet (PDF)


Redevelopment Plan and Related Documents


Visitacion Valley Historic Resource Technical Report (PDF)
Draft Remedial Action Plan
Map of Project Area (JPG)
Project Summary Sheet (PDF)
Visitacion Valley Redevelopment Plan (PDF)
Design for Development (PDF)
Environmental Impact Report (PDF)
Final Report to the Board (PDF)

Retail Study PPT Presentation to the CAC (PDF)

Retail Study Summary (PDF)

CAC monthly meetings have been cancelled until further notice. To find out more information about the Sclage Lock Project visit hhtp:// or contact Steven huang, project manager Universal Paragon Corporation by email: or phone: 415-468-6676 x117

CAC meetings are open to the public and serve as a forum for the community at large to discuss issues related to the Redevelopment Survey Area. Please join us in this process by attending the Mayor's Visitacion Valley Citizens Advisory Committee meetings.

CAC Goals (PDF) 
CAC Meeting Agendas & Minutes



Redevelopment Plan

The Visitacion Valley Redevelopment Plan establishes the legal framework for a new redevelopment project area. It lays out a revitalization program for the area including affordable housing policies and economic development proposals. Key elements of the Redevelopment Plan include:


  • Establish new land used controls to facilitate transit-oriented, mixed use development on the former Schlage Lock site and surrounding property (Zone 1);involving up to 1250 new housing units, and up to 90,000 square feet of retail, including a grocery store.
  • Provide funds for economic development activities to assist the revitalization of the Leland Avenue and Bayshore Boulevard commercial corridors (Zone 2), and create programs for local job training and placement opportunities. Establishing an affordable housing production program requiring the 25% of new housing units be made affordable to low to moderate income households(Click here for details on affordability levels and housing opportunities on the SFRA Affordable Housing site) and 50% of redevelopment tax increment funds be committed to housing programs.
  • Create new pedestrian scaled public streets, three new parks, a community center at the Old Office Building, and new infrastructure improvements within Zone 1.



Planning History

In 2002, the Office of Supervisor Sophie Maxwell and the San Francisco Planning Department sponsored community planning workshops that invited residents and business owners of Valley to create a concept plan for the re-use of the Schlage Lock plant site; twenty acres of underutilized and environmentally contaminated land adjacent to the neighborhood. The Schlage Lock / Visitacion Valley Strategic Concept Plan (copy of the plan on the Planning Department website) outlines the community’s vision of mixed-use development with new housing, open space, community-oriented retail and institutional uses that would complement the existing neighborhood.

In 2004, the Mayor's Office of Workforce and Economic Development, in collaboration with Urban Solutions, the Bay Area Local Initiatives Support Corporation, and Asian Neighborhood Design, coordinated an economic revitalization program for Leland Avenue and Bayshore Boulevard commercial district. As part of that process, a series of community workshops were held to establish an identity and vision for the commercial district. The workshops culminated in the drafting of an action plan, the Leland/Bayshore Commerical District Revitalization (PDF) that lays out specific improvements and strategies necessary for the realization of the community's vision.



Adopted Legislation:

General Plan Amendments

Planning Code Text Amendments

Zoning Maps Amendments

Redevelopment Plan Adoption





Design for Development Workshops

In conjunction with the CAC meetings, the Planning Department held a series of workshops to further refine and create a framework for the vision set forth by the community in the Visitacion Valley Schlage Lock Strategic Concept Plan. This led to the draft of the Vis Valley Design for Development (offsite link ) which will become the document that controls the site and building design for the proposed project area. The Planning Department is also considering General Plan and Planning Code amendments to facilitate the redevelopment program, including changes to the zoning regulations along Bayshore Boulevard.




Dust Monitoring

The Dust Control Plan for demolition activities has been prepared by MACTEC Engineering and Consulting, Inc. (MACTEC) in accordance with the requirements of the permit process established in Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) regulations and in coordination with the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH).

Dust Control Plan
Dust Monitoring Presentation
Check out the DUST MONITORING DATA or go to this website:


Environmental Clean-Up Plan

The State Dept. of Toxic Substance Control is the regulatory agency in charge with assessing and maintaining the proposed clean up activities in the Schlage Lock site and neighboring properties.

For more information please check the State Department of Toxic Substances Control (1). website

Remedial Action Plan Factsheet (PDF)

DTSC UPC Presentation September 8, 2009.ppt

DTSC Powerpoint Presentation to CAC--Schlage and UPC (ppt)

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