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Policies and Procedures

San Francisco Redevelopment Agency Purchasing Policy

The SFRA Purchasing Policy establishes the policies and standards for the purchase of goods (including catering and printing), materials, products, items, supplies, commodities and equipment and personal and/or professional services.
Purchasing Policy Procedures Guide

Small Business Enterprise

“Small Business Enterprise (SBE)” means an economically disadvantaged business that: is an independent and continuing business for profit; performs a commercially useful function; is owned and controlled by persons residing in the United States or its territories; has average gross annual receipts in the three years immediately preceding its application for certification as a SBE that do not exceed the following limits: (a) construction--$14,000,000; (b) professional or personal services--$2,000,000 and (c) suppliers--$7,000,000; and meets the other certification criteria.
Successor Agency's New Procedure for Certifying SBE


Since July 1, 1998, firms seeking contracts or purchase orders that exceed $5,000 have been obligated to comply with the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency’s Nondiscrimination in Contracts and Equal Benefits Policy. The Policy is based upon the City and County of San Francisco’s Nondiscrimination in Contracts: Equal Benefits Ordinance. Nondiscrimination in Contracts and Benefits Instructions - Form CC-101
Nondiscrimination in Contracts and Benefits Declaration - Form CC-102

Minimum Compensation Policy (MCP) Declaration

The Redevelopment Agency of the City and County of San Francisco adopted the Minimum Compensation Policy (MCP), which became effective on September 25, 2001. 
Minimum Compensation Policy Declaration
MCP Policy

Health Care Accountability Policy (HCAP) Declaration

The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency adopted the San Francisco Health Care Accountability Policy (the “HCAP”), which became effective on September 25, 2001.
HCAP Declaration - FORM
HCAP Policy

Prevailing Wage Policy (Labor Standards)
Prevailing Wage Policy (Labor Standards).pdf

Construction Workforce Policy
Construction Workforce Policy.pdf

Schedule C Permanent Workforce Policy
Schedule C Permanent  Workforce Policy.pdf
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