San Francisco Redevelopment Agency

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450-009.09-002                                                                    Meeting of February 17, 2009





TO:                 Agency Commissioners


FROM:           Fred Blackwell, Executive Director


SUBJECT:    Intent to Issue Bid Packages for Building 101 Improvements; Hunters Point Shipyard Project Area





Agency staff intends to issue two Bid Packages for improvements to Building 101 on the Hunters Point Shipyard (“Shipyard”) contingent upon the Commission approval of Schematic Designs at its March 17, 2009 meeting.  Improvements to Building 101 will be funded from a $2.13 million grant from the United States Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration (“EDA”), which must be spent no later than August 15, 2009.  As introduced to the Commission at its January 9, 2009 meeting, Agency staff will be bidding this project in stages in order to complete the building improvements within this short timeframe. 


The Agency Commission approved a contract with Levy Design Partners (“Levy”) for Architectural and Engineering Services at its January 6, 2009 meeting, Resolution 8-2009. Under this contract Levy worked with the Citizens Advisory Subcommittee (“CAC”), Building 101 tenants and other project stakeholders to develop Conceptual Plan and Schematic Plans. A First Amendment to the contract will allow Levy prepare plans and specifications for the Building 101 improvements consistent with the detailed Schematic Designs, and to provide observation and support through the construction phase. The construction contract will be advertised for thirty days and extensive outreach will be conducted, consistent with the Agency’s Interim Purchasing Policy and Procedures. 




Building 101 is located within Parcel A in the Shipyard Redevelopment Project Area. The 106,000 square-foot, two-story wood-framed building was constructed in 1946 and is in need of repair and upgrades in order to ensure that the building will continue to serve as the hub for the planned Shipyard Arts District.  The improvements will help to ensure that the artists continue to be an integral part of the Shipyard, which will in turn drive the new economic heart of the Shipyard: a mixed-use Arts and Technology District. Nearly one-half of the Shipyard’s 300 artists rent studios within Building 101.  Building 101 studios are rented through a sub-lessee agreement with the Artists’ Community to Patterns Limited, Inc. (“the Point”) and HPS Development Co., LP (“Lennar’).  Lennar manages the leases of various buildings on the Shipyard, including Building 101, on behalf of the Agency in accordance with the Interim Lease that was adopted in December 2003 and amended in August 2008.


Levy has worked intensively with Building 101 Artists, the CAC, Agency staff and staff from the Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development to develop the Schematic Designs for Building 101 improvements. The CAC reviewed the Conceptual Design in January and the Schematic Designs in March, and they are in support of issuing the Bid Packages in furtherance of these plans.


To ensure that EDA funds will be spent by August 15, 2009, Agency staff proposes that improvements be bid in a two-step process. The first package will include:

  • exterior painting
  • limited fixture upgrades
  • replacement of windows.


A second package to be released in early April 2009 will include:

  • Corridor repainting and replacement of common area light fixtures
  • Code-related upgrades (exit stairs, accessible entry, etc.)
  • Replacement of Exterior Doors
  • A renovated gallery and lounge


Contract Compliance staff will review and approve the final Bid Packages. The contract will be advertised in the San Francisco Examiner, the San Francisco Post, the City’s “Bid and Contract Opportunities Newsletter,” the Agency website, and local ethnic newspapers. Complimentary copies of the plans and specifications will be sent to various plan rooms (centers that have bid documents available for contractors to review) to encourage the participation of contractors.  In addition, an Invitation to Bid will be sent to certified minority and women business enterprise contractors in the Agency’s directory, as well as contractors who have expressed interest in being notified of upcoming contract opportunities.  The selected general contractor will need a valid California Class B contractor’s license in order to perform this work.  Agency staff intends to release this bid on March 18, 2009.


After bids have been reviewed and analyzed, a construction contract will be presented to the Commission for its consideration. The successful contractor will be obligated to the Agency’s Equal Opportunity Program (e.g., Nondiscrimination in Contracts and Benefits Policy, Minimum Compensation Policy, Health Care Accountability policy). While federal procurement requirements do not allow contractor selection on the basis of SBE/MBE/WBE status alone, evaluation will include contractors’ SBE/MBE/WBE status as key consideration.


Originated by: Thor Kaslofsky, Project Manager



                                                            Fred Blackwell

                                                Executive Director